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As the mother of the groom, I was very concerned about a hairstyle for a beach wedding. My hair "grows" with the humid air so I was a little nervous at how the pictures would turn out. I simply placed my hair in a side pony and used the UpDoIt to make a "messy" bun by securing the excess hair pulled through - - - it was PERFECT and done in minutes! It lasted all day for the windy(storm coming) beach wedding, the reception and back on the cruise ship. WOW! is all I can say. My daughter-in-law spent $125 in the salon, I spent $7.99, and both our hair looked fantastic. VERY PROUD CUSTOMER!
Roxanne F. Stewart, Destin, FL

I absolutely LOVE this hair accessory. I have very long, thick, curly hair and have always had difficulty finding anything to hold my hair up for special occasions without using tons of hairspray and bobby pins. I was in a wedding recently and used UPDOIT to pull my hair half-way up. Not only did it look elegant for pictures in the early afternoon, my "updo" looked the exact same at midnight after I danced the night away at the reception. I didn't have to restyle it once all day or night!

I also use this hair product when out running errands. I even used UPDOIT to pull my hair up when I went shopping at the mall. After trying on clothes all day and slipping countless outfits over my head, my hair was still tightly secured and I didn't have to redo it before going out to dinner with my husband. Finally a product that works!

Lindsey D., Haddam, CT

No more headaches!! I cannot go the whole day with my hair in a clip or ponytail b/c I get headaches. The UpdoIt is so light I don't have that problem. My hair is very thin so I thought it would fall out but not at all, it has stayed in all day. I love putting it in a french roll too. Thanks again.
Kim C., Hernando, MS

I have tried every hair accessory that has come along over the past 20 years and paid up to $50 for it if it claimed to secure my hair. I literally have a basket full of clips etc that never worked. I need something that I can put up fast, look chic and not messy. When I first tried UPDOIT I was amazed at how perfect my hair looked and how it totally stayed in place! It is amazing and super easy to do. The best part is the price, it's affordable and it really works!
Barbara K., Houston, TX

My hair is shoulder length and fine. I was amazed at how UPDOIT held my hair securely as I ran after my 3 children. IN LESS THAN A MINUTE, my hair looks great AND I get compliments. UPDOIT is awesome!
Charlotte M., Atlanta, GA

WOW, This is THE only hair accessory I need. I put it in and it stays all day. I love that it matches my hair color so it blends right in. I have long, thick hair and I knot it two times before I secure it and it looks so pretty. UPDOIT is the only hair accessory I've found that completely keeps my hair in place without sliding out or falling apart. I have even jogged in mine.
Amy M., Charlotte, NC

I absolutely love the UPDOIT! My six year old daughter has long thick hair. I have had so much trouble keeping her hair off of her neck. I was amazed at how well the UPDOIT secured her hair, even after hours of running and playing. This will be perfect for her upcoming dance recital. I will definitely be recommending the UPDOIT to my family and friends.
April N., Alexandria, LA

I was so excited to receive my package of UPDOITS! I couldn't wait to show my husband (although he thought I was nuts) because I had been telling him about it for a week! UPDOIT makes it so simple to put my hair up and get an elegant look without spending a fortune! You have one very satisfied customer. Thank you, thank you thank you!
Angela A., Germantown, TN

I am so excited to have a new 'do! I am telling everyone at church as we are Pentecostal and a lot of us have long hair. My friend ordered one and says she LOVES it, it is so light she forgets she has hair and is ordering one for her daughter-in-law and grandaughters. I am very happy for you. You did a good thing. Thank you for your ingenuity. God bless you and your business.
Donna S., Alexandria, LA

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